Can I apply?

Any type of organisation, including community groups, social enterprises, micro or small businesses, voluntary organisations or public sector bodies and farms which are located in the rural areas of North East and South West Fife can apply for LEADER funding. Your project needs to support delivery of Local Development Strategy and be of benefit to the rural community or economy.

To apply, the first thing you need to do is fill out the expression of interest on the Scottish Rural network website. 

Local Development Strategy-

  • Enhancing provision of and access to high quality services
  • Improving collaborative activities, between both businesses and communities
  • Enabling communities to develop their capacity to activity address local needs and aspirations
  • Increasing the potential of local products as well as cultural, natural heritage and environmental assets to contribute to sustainable economy.

All projects must contribute to at least one of the local development objectives.

More information can be found in our Local Development Strategy

Almost committed all the funds in Fife – All Rural Enterprise and Farm Diversification budget has been allocated to projects and we can no longer accept any further Expressions of interest from potential projects.