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Rural Enterprise

Our Bright Future

The project plans to work with any young person interested in starting work in the rural sector either as a new business in the rural sector or having completed some formal training such as a modern apprenticeship.

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Co-operation Projects

Tea Gardens of Scotland

planting teaThe Project is to grow seedling tea in Scotland, process it and bring it to market. The project is working for the first time ever in Scotland with seedling tea. Nine Gardeners over the Angus, Perthshire and Fife area have come together as a co-operative venture to afford consultancy help to undertake this. The end goal would be to make tea a feasible crop in Scotland.

The tea seeds will be imported from Nepal and Georgia, it will then be germinated in Glasshouses. They will then be distributed round the 9 gardeners across Angus, Perthshire and Fife. All the gardeners will take small amounts of tea from what they have grown and learn the best ways to process and try different techniques. We will then sell small quantities of tea together before branching out to sell their own specialist tea.

Promoting Scottish Gardens

Prior to this group’s formation information of gardens was piecemeal and large areas of Scotland had no promotion of gardens at all – Borders, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.  Interested visitors rely on finding relevant fliers/publicity. With the demise of VisitScotland’s TICs it is increasingly difficult to get information and advice.  The Leader Project supports Discover Scottish Gardens during the critical years of development and growth and will support:

  • Employment of
  •  A Business Development Officer
  • Commissioning of Professional photography
  • Design, printing and distribution of an A1 fold-out map

ENGINE Young Persons Work Exchange

Development and delivery of work exchange for 18-25 year olds, focussing on development of their personal skills, and their knowledge and understanding of rural development, community and enterprise.

Actions for young people are focussed on summer months of 2019 and 2020, and include short placements of a week in the other country and also in hosting activities when the Swedes visit Angus. An extensive amount of specification and planning has already been undertaken in preparation, including visiting the Swedish partners in May 2018.

Regional Food Assemblies

FEL has tested an online local food buying model for the last 18 months; the platform is called Food Assembly (FA). FA connects you directly to local food producers through a fair and transparent retail model. Along with the FA digital platform, two kinds of people make an Assembly happen: Hosts and Producers. The Producers sell directly to consumers through the FA online market. Hosts organise the weekly online shop and the local pick-up market. Members pay the food Producer directly, allowing them to earn over 80% for their hard work (in comparison to 15-25% through supermarkets).

Crowdfunding Coaches

This project is intended to leave a legacy from our 2014-2020 LEADER programme of increased capacity in crowdfunding techniques and skills in our rural LEADER areas, to support the long term resilience of local businesses and communities. A group of Scottish LEADER LAGs have come together because they are keen to see more awareness raising and support for businesses and community groups in rural areas, helping them gain skills and confidence in crowdfunding techniques.

Foraging Fortnight

Foraging Fortnight aims to celebrate Scotland’s natural environment and wild food through a coordinated foraging festival, involving a wide range of foraging and wild food activities across the country. Foraging Fortnight is a cooperation project involving six LAG areas along with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) as a national delivery partner.
The festival will run once a year in each of the following LAG areas:
• Forth Valley and Lomond
• West Lothian
• Fife
• Moray
• Lanarkshire
• Orkney